Politicians and the Media

During the past year I have noticed that Politicians have ‘attacked’ the Media about various stuffs. And to defend itself, the Media speaks of violation of the freedom of expression, freedom of speech. This ‘war’ between the media and the politicians has been going on for a long time but has been taken up another level with the introduction of the three private radios.

In my opinion, the journalists here in Mauritius do not really behave as good journalists should. And the verbal assault they are subject to by politicians  is kind of justified. It is very apparent which political party is supported by the l’express newspaper. The same for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Radio Plus and Radio One. Most of these media parties take sides when there is a certain political issue going on.

Is that the way the Media should operate? Obviously the answer is No.

The main aim of the Media is to report to the general public. To inform the people and to present the *facts* as they are! To ask the right questions, the questions being asked by the population. However, when the journalists write, they tend to give their own *opinions* on the different matters and most of the time distorting the truth, whatever the truth may be. This in turn trigger the animosity of the politicians, who have their speeches dissected and presented in the wrong light.

So in my opinion, it is high time journalists and the media sphere as a whole wear their political colors in private and adopt the role of the true informer, without trying to guide people to think in a specific way. Leave it to each individual to make up their own mind. The Mauritian People are intelligent enough.

The Media should just be a good and reliable information provider.

P.S: Guiblog asked on my previous post why people are afraid to see journalists having their own blogs. Well I for one ain’t afraid! I’m sure yashvin from yashvinblogs is not afraid as well. As a matter of fact, journalists can use their blogs to express those personal opinions they have and leave the press or TV to do its real job. 🙂