Hmm no, I am not going to write about romance. Actually I’m having some lemon juice and it’s quite bitter. So no, romance is not on my mind right now.

Thing is I have just come across one of those books in my drawer. I got that as a gift back when I was in f5. Yeah quite some years have gone by. Well, seeing that book reminds me of how much I loved to read the series back then. I would go to the Municipal library every two days or right before my tuitions just to get those books. And I had my brother’s library card too. So in a week I was reading an average of 6 Mills and Boons books. And loving it.

But seeing that book tonight also reminds me of how much I despise the series now. Don’t get me wrong. I still like romance stories but those Mills and Boons series really give a too-good- to-be true view on romantic relationships. So much so I even think it is twisted!! And my, nearly all the stories resemble each other. Like one writer takes another one’s book and tries to improve the story in another setting but which eventually ends up just the same. ‘I love you. I love you too.’ Duh!

One can argue that you can read the book just to enjoy the story. Believe me, you can’t. You can’t read those books objectively. Or in a mature way. Little by little, you’ll get *influenced* and build a certain rosy image of what a romantic relationship should be like. You have *Expectations*. And when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to, you end up feeling disappointed.

So I am totally advising people not to read those Mills and Boons books. Don’t even try one. It is addictive. It’ll grow on you. Really. It is not worth it.