Here Is Here

I really don’t understand why some people always compare Mauritius and other countries when they want to illustrate why a certain change must occur in Mauritius. Ok, granted that we must follow good examples and do the necessary to bring positive changes where we can. Specially in this fast moving world.

But what I don’t get is that why when a certain something is being done in Europe, America or Australia, for some people, it automatically means it will be good for us Mauritians. In these people’s opinions, absolutely everything must be done to follow in those ‘advanced’ countries’ steps, foregoing the difference of cultures and mindsets of the citizens. Within Mauritius itself, the differences are great, even if we have learnt to accept them, in most cases.

Caution must be exerted when dealing in such situations. Mauritians are still very attached to their cultures. And I don’t believe they will let go that soon.

Before even thinking of introducing any kind of change, I think it will be safer for the authorities or the change ‘bringer’ to do a feasibility study and check the state of mind of the people before taking a decision. And also, it will help in coming up with the best way to bring about the required change.

Well, many people disagree with me already. I, for one, am saying this only because Mauritius is a special case, as it always is. 🙂

Mauritius, C’est un plaisir… 😉