UBS Buses

Spare my lungs. This is my prayer every time I have the misfortune, which is quite often, to have a UBS bus in front of me in traffic, or to have them pass me when I am on the streets.

Ok, factors contributing to air pollution are many but these buses make you think that they contribute to 90% of air pollution in Port-Louis. They give off a constant thick putrid black smoke! and they go at such a slow pace! It is so horrible! That is why driving behind them is such a pain. I have to roll up the windows. I who enjoy driving with them down! 😛

On a more serious tone, I believe that those buses need to be removed from traffic! Seriously! Nearly all UBS buses are the same! And also, either they end up being on fire right on the motorway or they break down in the middle of nowhere! So unreliable!

Don’t these buses go through some fitness check-up? where are those people from ‘police de l’environment’?