Mauritius, C’est Un Plaisir

No, I am not here to criticise this new branding. It has got its fair share of bashing already. 😛

Thing is I am just fed up with all the critics, the jokes and the way people, including myself, keep using it ironically. I have made it a point to stop. Cause, finally, ain’t we just making fun of something that is supposed to be representing our country?

‘Mauritius, C’est Un Plaisir’ has been called weak, bland and even ridiculous as branding. But what now?

Either we finally accept it, try to make it sound better,try to put the meaning that it is obviously lacking behind it…or the branding must be changed, which I doubt will happen anytime soon. We are talking about millions spent on this thing.

On a personal note, I would opt for my first suggestion. Let’s give meaning to what seems to be a meaningless phrase. Impossible task, you say? The Tourism Minister said there was more to it than just this slogan:

“Par ailleurs, dit Xavier Duval, ” c’est un plaisir ” est ” multifaceted ” dans le sens qu’à un niveau simple, c’est une expression de service ” that comes at the end of having given or done something “. C’est un sentiment de plaisir que ressentent investisseurs et visiteurs dans leurs contacts avec Maurice et les Mauriciens ” either through a call centre or in a hotel or shop or to deal with professionals in our offshore sector “.”
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So let’s just stop with the sarcasm and give it time. Maybe it will work out in the end. 🙂