Lately my fashion sense has been aiming for skirts! I always had them in my wardrobe, but just ordinary ones which I would wear just occasionally. The trend was more set on those little princess dresses, jeans, pants and long tops. Now I want skirts! Long flowing ones. A-lines. Wrapped.

I have given so many of my clothes away during the past two months that I even have one shelf free. Out with the jeans. I don’t like wearing them anymore!!! I don’t even know why. But i have kept some that I used to like. The outdated turidars were second to go! Duh! I couldn’t stand the sight of them anymore!!! Much to my mum’s chagrin, I must say.

Anyway, now, my wish is to fill that empty shelf with new skirts! and matching or clashing tops! 😉 Skirts are so feminine! Imagine a long flowing one with high heels! *Ewww*

And it is a great feeling, to change wardrobe! 😀