The Diary

Or a more appropriate title would be ‘the memo book’. 🙂 I just came across the only one I kept back in my school days. That’s some six years ago! Seems longer than that though. I don’t know where half the people who have written in it are right now. Some are married, so literally no contact at all! The rest is, well, around! 😛

Somehow now it does not matter. I mean you can’t possibly keep in touch with everyone! 😛 But still, it was nice to read those little words. Really touching in a way, to remember those people. At one time in your life, they meant so much. Like, my best-friend back then (now she is married, with a kid) wrote:

‘…I won’t miss to kiss this beautiful miss…’

It sounds so utterly ridiculous but wow, the memories of such times gone by are amazing. 🙂

I think after all, that’s the purpose of a memo book. To remember. And it is important to remember. 🙂