100th Post

I nearly missed it! This post is actually my 100th post! If I didn’t check my stats, I would have gone unnoticed! Which is not good! The 100th post needs celebration! 😛

Though I have something else to write about, let me just thank you my readers for dropping by from time to time and to leave comments. Both your visits and opinions are highly appreciated. I hope you have found my posts interesting and I will try to keep them coming!
And I hope I don’t miss out on my 200th one! 🙂

So we are already into the 13th day of year 2010. Time indeed has a way of flying by! Well except for those who have spent of all of their end-of-year bonus. They can’t wait for the next pay! And I am sure many people have forgotten their ardently made resolutions. I didn’t make any for this year. I don’t ever stick to them anyway. It is not exactly the lack of motivation! Things change, that’s all! 😀 I think this year will be pretty much the same. I am not expecting anything big and I am not engaging myself in anything big. But hey, the future is still unpredictable. Anything can happen. Basically though, the year has kicked off well and easily. It was a bit hard to get back to work but I’ve fallen back into the routine quite smoothly.

Well, I hope you have started the year on good feet and a smile on your face. May it continue. For those who have not been so lucky, let’s pray there are good things ahead. Even though time flies, we still have 11 more  months to go…and I am not counting!

Always lost In My World,


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