Private Tuitions

The subject of private tuition is back in the News. And everyone has something to say, either they are for or against the practice. And it sure makes a lot of noise. Personally, I am both for and against private tuitions.  My GP teacher would have been proud of me! 😛

Well, I am against the idea of private tuitions at an early stage of education, that is, at the primary level. Students of Standard 1 to 4 taking tuitions is just something totally inhumane! I don’t have to comment on the size of their school bags, it is legendary! These kids have just started their education and it should be something fun for them, not something stressful! They must be left to enjoy this new aspect of their life and having friends. Once they have settled into that new phase of their life, then only the workload can be increased. And the increase must be gradual. This is not the present case.

However, when it comes to standard 5 and 6, I am not-so-for and not-so-against the whole idea. There is such a race for the Star colleges. Even though, certain initiatives had been taken to try to abolish the idea of Star colleges, it seems like it has stuck in the mind of the people here. So, to be able to have more practice and to shine brighter than the others in the exams, some take private tuitions. And it must be pointed out. Parents ain’t the only ones to be blamed. The motivation of a 10 year old child is sometimes amazing. 🙂 But I am not so for because stress and so much work at such a tender age is not good. Not every child can cope with that.

At the secondary level, if you don’t seek additional help, it is quite hard to survive. If you want to compete at the HSC level, just school and personal work won’t do. However, starting right off form 1 is quite unnecessary. Form 1 to 3 aren’t hard. Mostly everyone gets by easily if they give studies 2 hours everyday. And I am speaking generally. Special cases exist at all levels. Banning private tuitions as from form 4 to HSC is an impossible task.

And I’ve been thinking, why can’t the Government introduce the concept of an escalator system and entrance exams. For example, if you want to apply to a particular Star college, you sit for an entrance exams. But if you choose not to join any of those star colleges, you are automatically enrolled at a college in your locality. I have not done any research on the topic, to be frank. I mean, I have not seen the exact mechanism of such a system. This is just an idea which has popped up in my mind while watching an anime. 😛 In Japan, they have such an educational system. But it wouldn’t be without problems, I am sure. Since Mauritian gene tend to resist change! *-*

Anyway, I am sure the debate on private tuitions will be an on-going process. The time where all parties concerned will find common ground is still unsure. But I sure hope that the best interest of those who are primarily concerned, that is the Students, are taken at heart!

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2 thoughts on “Private Tuitions

  1. And I’ve been thinking, why can’t the Government introduce the concept of an escalator system and entrance exams.

    I have thought of such a system myself. Why not have 2 separate exams at CPE level? One grading exam (the actual CPE) without any ranking/tight-selection process attached to it, and another SAT-like exam for entrance in National Colleges. The SAT-like exam would maybe be in the form of 2 MCQ exams in maths and verbal skills, which are both more like IQ tests.

    • Yeah, why not? But still, many pou tire laye! lol
      I must explore the escalator system and update the post later on….I may come up with a list of pros and cons.

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