Love Songs

Does it happen sometimes that you get so fed up of all those love songs?

I’ve been going through my many DVDs and CDs, dating as far back as 1995 and I can’t find a single piece I want to listen to tonight. YouTube, same stuff. Perusing music charts ain’t cutting it as well. Artists are singing love all around!

Don’t they have something else to sing about? I know only of Owl City, who sings about places and bugs but you can’t listen to that the whole time. Ain’t there other emotions to explore? Or anything else at all?! And don’t even think of Indian music. I won’t even go there!

I think I’ll just go back on YouTube and look for some music for children…Ba Ba Black Sheep…or something like that…

Always Lost In My World,


4 thoughts on “Love Songs

  1. I run a teen advice column, and I’m always looking for good questions to post on my blog. Would you mind if I posted this question on my site? I’ll give credit to you, if you like.

    It will probably appear some time next week, under the title, “Aren’t there any non-love songs out there?”

    Hopefully my readers will give us feedback, posting a list of non-love songs in the comments.

    I’d be honored if you’d add my blog to your blogroll as well. Thanks for considering my requests.

    • Mechelle, thanks for reading my blog and posting comments. 🙂 Very appreciated.
      Of course you can post the question on your blog! You can credit it to me if you want, it is really up to you. I don’t mind in any way. 🙂
      I’m impatient to see the feedback from your readers!
      It will be a pleasure to add you on my blogroll!

      Keeping dropping by!

  2. Yes, it does happen that I’m fed up of all those love songs, and even love movies. While many factors account for this shift in mood (as compared to college times), I think the internet and work take so much of our attention these days.

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