Yes, Pre-menstrual syndromes!

It is not my intention to go in the biological details. And also, it is said that for every woman it is different. But basically, it is linked to changing hormones during the menstrual cycle.

And these syndromes, there are many! But what affects me the most, are the mood swings! I’ve got that one really bad. I mean, sometimes it is uncontrollable, specially one or two weeks before. Even if it happens every month, it always hits me by surprise! It always takes me a while to figure out that it is just my hormones acting up again!

Why, oh why, do we girls have to be so susceptible to our hormones? Sometimes, during that time of the month, I say or do harsh things, stupid things, out-of-the-blue things, depressing things. Worse, you don’t realise about them until it is too late. And I cry buckets. For no apparent reasons.

It may seem a little bizarre to share what is something personal, but  if ever any other woman is reading this and somehow relates to my post and say to herself, ‘hey girl, you ain’t alone’, it makes going through that particular episode every month easier. I know there are many out there…and I say to you ‘hey girl, you ain’t alone.’