Yes, Pre-menstrual syndromes!

It is not my intention to go in the biological details. And also, it is said that for every woman it is different. But basically, it is linked to changing hormones during the menstrual cycle.

And these syndromes, there are many! But what affects me the most, are the mood swings! I’ve got that one really bad. I mean, sometimes it is uncontrollable, specially one or two weeks before. Even if it happens every month, it always hits me by surprise! It always takes me a while to figure out that it is just my hormones acting up again!

Why, oh why, do we girls have to be so susceptible to our hormones? Sometimes, during that time of the month, I say or do harsh things, stupid things, out-of-the-blue things, depressing things. Worse, you don’t realise about them until it is too late.ย And I cry buckets. For no apparent reasons.

It may seem a little bizarre to share what is something personal, but ย if ever any other woman is reading this and somehow relates to my post and say to herself, ‘hey girl, you ain’t alone’, it makes going through that particular episode every month easier. I know there are many out there…and I say to you ‘hey girl, you ain’t alone.’

7 thoughts on “PMS

  1. I’m not a woman, but having studied the human reproductive system at uni, i can say that you are not alone.

    Girls are affected by different degrees. Some girls are hardly affected with PMS, others are affected badly, and there are some syndromes that are even associated with extreme symptoms of PMS and their cycles. Yours, however, seem ‘normal’. I can only imagine that it get’s easier to deal with as you get older.

    One of the probable reasons why women are susceptible to fluctuation in hormones is that without it they wouldn’t be able to reproduce. If women didn’t have cycles, that would mean that they would have no hormones at all, which effectively makes them infertile, OR their hormones would be high constantly which also, via a different biological mechanism, make them infertile.

    Sorry i had to go into so much biological detail (it could’ve been worse!), but when it comes down to it, it’s all about sex!


    • Nav, thanks for going into the biological details! I wanted to but felt too lazy to do it and I figured google can provide all the information! ๐Ÿ˜›
      Yes, our hormones are important and I am grateful they function for me. But I just wanted to point out the, let’s say, less positive sides of having those hormones! Like people, girls and boys alike, can understand why a certain time of month, a girl is acting not herself, is acting cranky etc etc. I mean, it is not always PMS but you can always start there! ๐Ÿ˜› and also to just tell all the women around that it is something that happens…that we are all together in this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You ain’t alone, girl. One time I cried because (these were the exact words I used with my best friend), “All the whales are dying!”

    Another time, I accidentally hit a squirrel while driving, promptly went out and picked it up, weeping torrents of tears, and then the thing woke up from its temporary brain freeze and peed on me.
    It scratched me and ran away.

    I was still crying when I got home.

    The good news is, I’ll always have these wonderful tales to share.

    • “All the whales are dying!” Ew! But reallly, I say the most impossible things too!
      Though I agree they make good stories, I’m most of the time embarrassed when I realise that i’ve shed so much tears on such trivial things!!! It bugs me, but I finally forget about it….until it starts again the following month! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. hi, i will suggest you to see a doc as it can persist in the future. bcz you cant take risks and let things happen like that. and dont let yourself alone in such particular situation, you must share wiz some1 to avoid depression or bad feelings about yourself.

    i knw some1 who has the same problem as yours and after reading the comment of Nav, i fear if this will make her infertile and will not be able to reproduce!! need to dig on the net to find more info.

    i won’t say more as i do not have enough info on this topic, but will surely expand my knowledge on this. thanks to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Like it was mentioned by Nav and myself, different girls experience the extent and intensity of those symptoms differently. There is no cause to worry in my case, and the same for most girls. It is just something that happens.
      This is not to say that for some people it may be very bad. And if there is a problem, I hardly think that the only signs and symptoms will be a severe case of PMS. There will be other indications as well.
      Hope everything goes well for your friend!

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