A World Without Ice

“Of the sunshine falling onto Earth, about 30 percent is reflected back into space, mostly by white clouds in the atmosphere and white ice at the surface. The polar ice caps, covering virtually all of Antarctica, the Arctic Ocean, and Greenland, make up less than one tenth of Earth’s surface, but account for much of the sunshine reflected from the surface. Polar ice also generates huge wind streams that spill ferociously off the ice caps and flow far beyond the ice perimeter to shape weather systems that influence the entire globe.”

“Nature’s best thermometer, perhaps its most sensitive and unambiguous indicator of climate change, is ice. When ice gets sufficiently warm, it melts. Ice asks no questions, presents no arguments, reads no newspapers, listens to no debates. It is not burdened by ideology and carries no political baggage as it crosses the threshold from solid to liquid. It just melts.”

– A World Without Ice by Dr. Henry Pollack

[ http://www.greengeek.ca/book-review-a-world-without-ice/ ]

4 thoughts on “A World Without Ice

  1. I like that quote from Dr. Henry Pollack!

    And of course if the ice caps were to melt the sea levels would rise to a level that certain countries/regions wouldn’t exist anymore :/

    It kinda makes me not want to put ice in my drinks in the summer, even though that’s a completely different unrelated ice!

      • QueenV22 says:

        First, I am very happy to see so many people take an interest in Mother Earth. Very refreshing and good. Second, and very unfortunate, there is a heinous scam afoot by an evil few to sell emmision credits [cap & trade] for profit in the upcoming environmental commodities exchange. It started with a massive Public Relations hoax telling us all about polar bears dying off, ice caps melting, chaos and ruin imminent! I can immediately think of two major problems with this. 1) Over 90% of greenhouse gasses are water vapor with 99% occcuring naturally, not caused by humans, 2) Climate changes are slow things. And since the last significant [natural] climate change took 18,000 years to occur, we’ve got time to sort out the truth, right? Do your own research, find the facts, make your own conclusions. Then email me back. Would love to hear what you find.

        PS – be sure to follow the money, ask yourself “Who would profit from this?” and then it begs “Why would they do that?” When you realize the immense human suffering that could and would come from climate change policies (population control and hindering industry and production), the importance of this issue is glaring. Most people are good and once they see facts they can easily change their point-of-view. However, someone who is hell-bent will never be able to change their point-of-view based on facts and by this you will know you are talking with someone who is not good.

  2. I think you can’t blame the Ice that much, it forms part of the ecosystem since very very long away. Much of the earth-warming is more likely due to man’s inventions; don’t blame nature for it. Ice forms part of the equilibrium, perhaps if it is there to reflect some sunshine may be it has a reason to do that much?!

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