Letting Go

Oftentimes it happens that some things that you have always wanted in your life are taken away from you. Or you just lose them. Or according to circumstances, they just ain’t available to you anymore. Why it happens varies and sometimes you don’t even know the reason. It just happens. And you have to deal with it.

And a part of dealing with it includes knowing when to let go.

This bit is I believe is very crucial. Specially if what you wanted was really very important to you. It is a hard thing to do, to accept that it happened and there is nothing you can do. Knowing when your motto ‘Don’t ever give up’ gives up on you. When there are no other options. You’ve reached a dead end.

Just knowing the right moment when to finally let go is your break. The minute you have done that, you can move forward and look upon what you’ve gone through critically and learn from it. Or just don’t ever turn back. Just forward and telling yourself that there are better things just around the corner.

But you have to go through the ‘letting go’ phase first! And that, that’s something hard to do.

Why do all good things come to an end?

World Cup 2010

Yaaay! It is finally here! The long awaited World Cup. πŸ˜€

Of course, I’ll be supporting England! It is time for the Three Lions to Score…and to Roar! πŸ˜€ Go England!Β The competition is going to be fierce and the spectacle promises to be great! I cannot wait for tonight’s match, England’s first! <Crossed-Fingers>

I can’t help myself to think, in the midst of all this excitement and fervor, why oh why, can’t our National team be that awesome? will we ever see Mauritius one day in a world cup tournament? *-* Instead of cheering for the three lions, I would have been cheering for our Dodos! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this month! in all friendship and respect for others!

Have a blast!



The Week in High Heels

I have like a dozen pairs of high heels. Lately, I have not been wearing them! I kind of think they are prettier when they are in my drawer. πŸ˜› I keep buying new ones though! They look so elegant! However, I prefer to wear my sandals to them!

There was a time when I loved high heels! On skirts and jeans! I can’t figure out when I’ve stopped actually. Β *-* Β But this week, I told myself that I will let those shoes see the light of day again. And so they have! the fuschia, the brown, the red, the purple. Some days of the week remain and I have yet to choose the shoes to go with them! πŸ˜›

And it felt nice! and somehow new! and taller! πŸ˜‰

May Has Come and Gone

I meant to write at the start of May. But then I got busy…or I got lazy! *_* And now May has come and gone! I celebrated my birthday on the 27th. πŸ™‚ I am now 24. Doesn’t feel any different from 23. πŸ˜‰ Maybe because it is not 25. The dreaded 25! πŸ˜› Β to those who understand. -_-‘ But I had a good time. Thanks again to the girls! πŸ˜‰

I don’t really have much to talk about. Everything is at a stand still for me for the moment. Same old routine! Nothing much has made an impression as well. You keep doing the same things everyday. So mechanical! 😦 But sometimes, you find relief in routines. You are so used to doing certain stuffs that they come so naturally and you don’t have to think much. Give some rest to your mind.

I’m going to start babbling! *Yawn* I think I am just tired.

I will try to write something more meaningful next time! πŸ™‚