The Week in High Heels

I have like a dozen pairs of high heels. Lately, I have not been wearing them! I kind of think they are prettier when they are in my drawer. 😛 I keep buying new ones though! They look so elegant! However, I prefer to wear my sandals to them!

There was a time when I loved high heels! On skirts and jeans! I can’t figure out when I’ve stopped actually.  *-*  But this week, I told myself that I will let those shoes see the light of day again. And so they have! the fuschia, the brown, the red, the purple. Some days of the week remain and I have yet to choose the shoes to go with them! 😛

And it felt nice! and somehow new! and taller! 😉

5 thoughts on “The Week in High Heels

  1. It’s definitely sexy to see a girl with high heels, but I wonder if those high heels do not cause strenuous pains? LOL
    Last week I remember seeing a girl wearing those and you could see she was not kinda comfortable to walk with them 😛

    The best thing to do about the choice, let your instinct/inner inspirations guide you when you wake up in the morning 😉

    It’s really nice when you do exactly what your heart desires.. Besides it really boosts your day and activities. So, enjoy your high heels to the max! 🙂


  2. Yes girls look awesome in high heels! But I wouldn’t say strenuous pain! It hurts the back a little but that’s about me. For other girls, it could be different.

    Yeah, it did give me an energy boost! 😉

    and thanks for dropping your comments! Highly appreciated!

  3. Alright 😉

    hehehe.. that’s great! You’ve surely rock your day! 😉

    Urm, there’s no need to thank me at all… it’s a pleasure.

    Have a great waka waka weekend! 😉


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