Morning Traffic

I am finding the morning traffic annoying each and everyday. And here’s why:

1. Driving school cars are such a pain in the morning! You are in a hurry to go to work and there’s a damn learner in front of you. It is such a nightmare in Port-Louis. The traffic is already very difficult and added to that you have some drivers (in the making) who just make the traffic even worse! They take one whole minute to take a turn and they go at such a snail’s pace! I think that driving schools should not operate in the morning, at least not before 9. I don’t recall taking lessons in the morning and even then, I was never asked to drive that slowly!

2. UBS Buses. God, I hate that Bus service! It is not rare to see one broken down in the middle of the highway! and the inconvenience they cause! My loathing for those buses is ever growing. I always wonder how the heck they pass the fitness test. -_-‘

3. Motorcyclers: I could just kick them! They have no notion of road traffic regulations! They will overtake you right or left. They will bump into your side/wing mirrors and they just don’t care. They will ‘dance’ in the middle of the road, making overtaking them dangerous! And they will take a turn without a hand signal or flasher. They are hazardous.

4. Pedestrians: I don’t really hate them. But some pedestrians are just careless. And in the morning, careless pedestrians are everywhere! Why can’t they use the sidewalk where there is one? why do they have to overtake each other and step on the streets to do so?! specially those school kids! My driving instructor always used to say that no matter what, protect the pedestrians. My dad says the same thing too. But hey, they make protecting them kind of tough! And it is annoying!

5.  ‘Bel-mari’ drivers: those are the ones who overtake a long line of law abiding and patient drivers on a road where overtaking is illegal and when there is a car coming the other way, they will ask you to give them way, to take your place! I NEVER give them way! Ever! One even swore at me once and I just don’t care. Why can’t they just wait like the rest?

If you are reading this, you probably think I should just quit driving, at least in the morning. I would do it only if the alternative was something other than taking the bus! 😉

A Pet (?)

I have never had a pet. And neither have I ever wanted to have one. This topic came up today cause I just remembered about someone who asked me whether I wanted to have a pet. And when I told that friend that owning an animal does not interest me at all, I was looked at weirdly! I mean, why ask for the additional task?

However, for some days now, I have been thinking of getting a gold fish. Just maybe I will. I sincerely believe that a gold fish in a bowl isn’t much hard work. Right?

Well I hope not. I just want one little pet for the sake of being able to tell my kids one day, that yeah, mum had a gold fish! 😛