A Pet (?)

I have never had a pet. And neither have I ever wanted to have one. This topic came up today cause I just remembered about someone who asked me whether I wanted to have a pet. And when I told that friend that owning an animal does not interest me at all, I was looked at weirdly! I mean, why ask for the additional task?

However, for some days now, I have been thinking of getting a gold fish. Just maybe I will. I sincerely believe that a gold fish in a bowl isn’t much hard work. Right?

Well I hope not. I just want one little pet for the sake of being able to tell my kids one day, that yeah, mum had a gold fish! 😛

5 thoughts on “A Pet (?)

  1. K_Wasseem says:

    Hi Aniii 😀

    I think anyone should have a pet at least once at some point. It’s a unique feeling and a different experience. But having a duck, Cocquerel/hen, dog , hamster or any other mammals is nothing like petting a fish.

    But an advice, have a pet only if you commit yourself to dedicate time, energy and care daily. They very much need that, just like a baby 😉 If don’t have any of these, a pet is simply not your cup of tea 😉

    The sense of attachment with each other, is magical.. and that sense you won’t feel it with a fish 😛 Oh and even a tortoise (land) does show attachment, I was really amazed. They do recognize the hand and people around them..

    All the best petting one, oh and I pity that pet though 😛 *runs away*


    • Hi Wasseem!

      Here is the problem exactly. Time and dedication. Do you think a fish needs that much time and dedication? Do you really feel so attached to a fish?

      I have not gotten one yet. Still pondering on the idea.

  2. Urm, compared to a mammal pet, not so much. But you still need time and dedication, because after all it’s a life form and any life form needs at least some kind of attention.

    I have not petted fish like the Gold fish, but in my kidie days, I had other species of fish. So I guess basics remain the same.

    From what I can see, you will need to pay close attention to the condition of the water, feeding, cleaning the aquarium..etc

    But I guess if you have a proper aquarium, the cleaning is done less frequent, each week or 2 or something. Feeding might be done morning and night. So in the end, not so much fuss, but if there’s no real motivation behind having that fish, cleaning the aquarium might be boring.

    And besides, if Goldies do give a lot of eggs. When cleaning you need to be careful so as not to destroy those eggs which might not be so easily noticeable + when these hatch they can be like 100+ all at once. They need to be immediately removed from the parent aquarium and put in a separate ‘kidie park’. Needless to say that they would need very close attention 😛

    Final word, Gold Fishies tend to be more fragile than other species. But you’ll need to confirm that one 😉
    (beauties == sentient == fragile == more attention)


  3. umum says:

    I am exactly like u! I am nt interested in having pets. That does not mean i dnt like animal. But having a pet at home is nt smthg that is of gr8 interest to me. I’ve heard many critics. People been looking at me as if its a crime not wanting to have a pet. But since some time my brother brought some fish at home and since zen i can now say ya i have pets at home lool

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