Friendship as you get Older

Well, I have just been wondering about making new friends as we get older. I find it pretty hard. Or may be hard is not the right word. In that case, I don’t really know which word to use. But, it is not the same as when I was in my teens.

I find that I’m more choosy or just not willing. Don’t get me wrong. I can talk comfortably with just anyone, even have a nice conversation. And I absolutely don’t mind meeting new people at all. But it is difficult to take them in quickly, as it was the case some years ago…

And I am wondering if it is related with age? Like, when you are still just a student, you look for these people you can trust and feel good with and you try to keep them for life. You have found a comfort zone and you don’t want to go beyond that? Because these people have been with you through thick and thin already. What more can you ask for?

Or are the new encounters just fleeting ones? Like, you think to yourself, that it is just not worth it? Tomorrow, you ain’t going to meet that person again, so why bother? If you were younger, perhaps you would have asked for that person’s IM or phone number? Now, it doesn’t matter.

Taking an instant liking to someone or having a strong urge to make someone your friend, I think, it fades with time. You become more cautious. I’m not sure. I’m still thinking. Maybe, it is not the general case. Maybe it is just me. *-*

4 thoughts on “Friendship as you get Older

  1. You concentrate more on your family when you grow older. Plus it’s harder to trust people in the work place than at uni. Circumstantial I would say. It’s easier to make friends (or network?) when you are in a uni environment, e.g. researchers keep on meeting new people at conferences and keeping in touch with them. Not the same thing in industry or in the office … I guess. O_o

  2. Tish says:

    Hi! 🙂 I think many would situate themselves in that post. The fact is that as we grow up,our view of life changes and we seek for friends who watch in the same direction as us rather than “just simple friend”. And as Bruno pointed out, at uni you meet loads of people and its easier to make friends, that in the working environment, where you spend only like an hour per day trying to know someone. 😉

    • Yeah, I suppose there is a time for everything. The period when we are at Uni or something is when we make those kind of friends, those who you wish will always be part of your life. As you move on, there is work and other stuffs you have to face. No real quality time to look out for those rare souls that complete your own. 😛

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