Window Shopping!

Who says you can’t shop when you are a bit tight on money? 😛 Who says you can’t go shopping, even if you have nothing to buy? 😛

Window Shopping can be just as interesting as actually spending money on stuffs. No. Wait. Spending money is way more fun, granted, but window shopping is great too. I find it really fun to roam about, just looking at things, specially at Port-Louis. I can spend hours, doing just that. Rue La Corderie, Rue Desforges, Rue Pagoda, Rue Royale, Caudan, and the numerous ruelles in the city.

Window shopping also helps me in a number of ways too:

  • to stay up-to-date about the latest fashion. Even if I’m not necessarily going to adapt it, I like to be in the know. *-*
  • the prices: prices keep going up and it is good to know where to get the best deal!
  • the secret shops: I know just the place where to get this and that! 😉
  • to unwind. It takes my mind off things. Every now and then, when I am having that kind of day, I would go window shopping, even if for just fifteen minutes. I always feel refreshed…
  • to kill time: there are Saturdays when I have absolutely nothing to do…

I am not too sure about the guys, but I can be quite sure that most girls will agree with me! 😉 And the week-end is here. The end of the month too. But if you have not got paid yet, go have some fun browsing those shops! :-p