Time is Flying(!)

It is already thursday 28th of October. Just 64 days left of the year 2010. I can still remember the fireworks welcoming year 2010. I was at the top of the citadel. Awesome display of light as usual! And in just a few days, another show will light up the sky. Why is time flying so fast?

Well, technically it is not, of course. Still the same old 24 hours day. Some people say that it is just that we have so many things to do, and 24 hours just don’t seem enough.

Man, throughout the ages, has always changed things to suit his needs and evolution. Maybe he will come up with a way of changing time. 😉 like basing ‘calculation of time’ on something else than the rising and setting of the sun! *-*

I’m being silly really. There are certain things in nature that humans have no power over. Time is one of them. Every second counts. So just try and cram everything in the little time we’ve been given!

Good luck, and stop complaining…you are losing time…


“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”