What is femininity?

I’ve been asking myself that question since a little while ago. I’ve grown up in a house filled with males. And sometimes I feel like I am completely out of touch with my feminine side. It does not matter if I try to look cute wearing a nice little dress, skirts or high heels. Or wear make-up.

I believe that the way a woman dresses, presents herself has only a 25% impact on her femininity.  Femininity comes from deep inside. In the manner that she does something, the approach to a certain situation, the way she speaks, the way she holds herself. It is all a matter of who she is, her personality.  I’ve been on some sites which talks about how to be more feminine. They seem to say femininity = beauty. Is it really? I prefer to say femininity = grace + softness + intelligence. 😉

And they also seem to say, that the more a woman is feminine, she has better chances of attractive a very masculine man. May be it is true for some guys. Or may be all. I have no idea. [help!!!]

Anyway, after reading some of those sites, it is pretty clear I have some work to do to get in touch with my ‘womanly core’. First thing to do is to be less loud! -_-‘  that is going to be hard! 😦

Wishing myself luck! ^-^