Quarter of a Century

and twelve days. 😛 I celebrated my 25th birthday on the 27th of May. I meant to blog earlier than this but I either didn’t find the time or I was just lazy! So yeah, finally the long awaited 25! 😀

I’m lucky to have celebrated on four days. With mum, the colleagues, the cousins, the girls! and I loved all my presents (visit Sou’s blog to see one of them, link in the blogroll). Overall, it had been great, wonderful and fantabulous! 😉 Thank you!

Resolutions for my 25th birthday:

1. Be more feminine (not working so much for the moment, I’m still too loud!)

2. Save more. Time to make those other dreams come true. 😉 Will have to cut on the shopping a little bit.

3. Improve my culinary skills. I have yet to start! Wishing myself good luck! I’m not totally desperate. Or am I?

That’s all for my 25th. *-*