Winter Mornings

I just love winter mornings. When the gentle sun rays seep through my curtains and light my room in a soft orange glow. 🙂 It makes me want to stay under my sheets and to bury my face in my pillow. Warmth! And when I do decide to get out of bed and open my door, the cool breeze caresses my skin and it just feels awesome. *-*

Sometimes when I wake up and it is raining, then I don’t get out of bed (except if it is a working day, when I HAVE to) and sleep some more. You only get that kind of sleep in winter, yeah. 😉

But I suppose that’s just winter in Port-Louis.  Winter is the only time of the year where you can appreciate the sun’s heat in Port-Louis. Other places in Mauritius do have ‘cruel’ winter. Like Bois Cherie. It can get real cold there. People are actually covered from head to toe!

But like I’ve always said. I’m lucky to be in Port-Louis.

It’s Saturday.

I’m still in bed.

And I’m greatly enjoying this Winter Morning In My World.