Winter Thrills

The past few nights have been rainy, windy and cold. The perfect setting for thrillers and horror movies. I remember past winters, back when I was a teenager. Then, we used to watch such movies on such nights. Movies like, Urban Legend, I know what you did last summer, Stigmata, Exorcist, Halloween, Night of the Scarecrow, Scream, Bride of Chucky  and the list goes on.

It was awesome then. I remember my brothers would have their stock of snacks (twisties and poppies!), and we would all sit in front of the TV or PC, with the light out. *Awesome*. It is a shame now that we do not have such family nights, or such movies really. 😦

And as a side note, I watched Exorcist with my cousin on a late rainy winter afternoon. We were under the covers, alone at home, and the PC screen far from us. The movie ended around 18hrs. A bad bad time to finish watching a movie like Exorcist. It just got dark and you have not showered, have not had dinner or anything yet. That movie really was scaring. The horrible head of that little girl turning 360 degrees. *Shivers*

Anyway, those would be unfogettable past winter thrills, In My World. 😉

2 thoughts on “Winter Thrills

  1. U says:

    ‘The Rite’ with anthony hopkins, if you are looking for a head twisting movie!:) Recommended to watch at 3:00 am (the hour of the devil)

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