Joe Black: So that’s what love is according to William Parrish?
William Parrish: Multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I’m talking about.
Joe Black: Those were my words.
William Parrish: They’re mine now.
–  From Meet Joe Black

Our Choices

I made a lot of choices that have gotten me where I am today.  Sometimes I wonder about what could have happened in a particular situation had I chosen differently. Futile, yes. But nevertheless, I think it is important to ponder on the various aspects or factors that shape our choices and decisions. In understanding that, maybe we can understand ourselves better.

It is often said that we are always presented with alternatives in life. True. And there are times when we go for something without really thinking, we just do what appeal most to us, and there are times, when we need to pause. Think. And then decide. Because the impact or consequence is bigger. Right? Also, the mental process that gets into motion when faced with those said alternatives, is quite amazing. The way we debate within ourselves, weighing the right and the wrong, trying to project the future, deciding on what’s best, what would make us happier, etc etc. After all that, the choice is made. There. Then consequences follow and we know whether our choice was the right one.

Choosing is not always a me-myself-and-I business. Our choices and decisions can affect the lives of the people around us, just as we can be affected by theirs. (I’m hoping so far that the choices I’ve made have not hurt anybody! ) Respecting each other’s choices, opinions, or decisions is a step to accepting each individual as he/she is.

I made a lot of choices that have gotten me where I am today. Il m’arrive de temps en temps de souhaiter que les choses soient differentes. Mais pour etre tout a fait honnete, I would not change a thing.  [That’s to be expected, coming from someone who is as selfish and impulsive as I am. ]