February! A beautiful month to resume blogging! :p

The year has started well for me. No complaints. Except maybe for the heat! Duh, I love summer but I hate the heat.

I normally enumerate my resolutions for the year. I didn’t this time around. There’s only one thing I want to do, and it is not working out properly for me. Dieting. Gosh, how do those people do it?I suppose I really lack the motivation, commitment and perseverance it requires. Ah well, tout doucement…tout doucement. 😉

However, I do have a list of wishes for the year.

1. Travelling to Europe. [not likely to happen but it is still my number 1]

2. Fall in love. [Yeah right -_-‘]

3.  World Peace. [Futile? We can still pray for it.]

These are just the top three. Others are just little wishes, here and there, nothing of major importance. I hope all your wishes (whoever is reading this) for the year come true. 🙂

It feels good, to be back, In My World.

Take Care and Take It Easy!