Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

I’ve been to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden some two week-ends ago, after two or three years! I used to love it so much, and I still do. It is so peaceful and so, ‘royal’! Like it is in those old french movies. πŸ˜‰

However, I was very disappointed to see the state it is now in. There’s an air of neglect. It used to be so lush, vibrant and beautiful!

I did not go around the whole garden (It is immense!). But there is this pond, my favorite corner of the garden, that’s covered with water lilies, the famous amazon lilies. A true delight. At least it used to be.

Here is a picture of how it was before (found via google)


See how green and beautiful it is? Even though this picture does not do it proper justice! When it is right before your eyes, it is something else.

Now, here’s a picture I took:


It is sad, isn’t it? 😦 It has lost its magic. I am hoping it is a seasonal thing, though I doubt it. I remember well when I was little, it was always the same beautiful pond all year round.
I suppose the authorities, or whoever in charge of the garden, will say that there is not enough funds for the proper maintenance of the place.

Anyway, I keep fond memories of the Pamplemousses garden: Various school and family outings. I hope it will still be in a good state for my kids to enjoy! πŸ˜›

5 thoughts on “Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

  1. lol You need to have a photography crash course (and some photoshop’ng skills) and perhaps you can achieve a similar photo for the famous pond there but this will not deny the fact that it is not the same fun as in our childhood anymore.

  2. The quality of the picture is not the point here! It was taken with my mobile phone, not some fancy camera. I
    In the first picture we can see the leaves in a more healthier state than in the one I took. If it was looked after and not neglected, the pond I’m sure would have kept its magical beauty!

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