Food Lover’s Market


Food Lover’s Market,

Bagatelle Mall,


Yeah, that is where you need to go if you are a food lover. A healthy food lover. Since I am now living on the 70%-30% rule, the Food Lover’s Market is just the right place for me. 

It has various kinds of salads, which varies everyday. They are not all yum, but they are good. Salmon salad, 3 bean salad and chicken salad are my favorites. What is even better, you can choose your own potion (Unlike in those ‘Salad Bars’ I have been to). The price varies too. It is not cheap but it is not very expensive. Oily fast foods cost way more!

Ah, the ‘Smoothie’ section is great too! You get to choose your own fruits for the drink and a large cup will cost you only Rs110. It is very refreshing and filling. 

The breads. Yummy! All shapes and all sizes. Pretty expensive, I agree. But it is worth it. They actually make eating brown bread enjoyable for me. 

You’ll find all sorts of nuts too. Macadamia and Cashews. Hmmmmm! Unsalted, salted, Unsweetened, Sweetened, Raw. The pots in which they store the nuts are covered, unlike how it is at Jumbo Phoenix. 

Fruits and Vegs: Working people will love it. Already chopped and cleaned vegetables. 🙂 Ready for a stir fry! 😉 Fresh fruits. I have yet to see a rotten apple. 

One more thing I appreciate is that the place is clean! It looks fresh and well organised. 

Room for improvement: Larger Scale! It is too small for a ‘Market’. 😉 Larger variety of fruits. That’s all I can think of right now. 😀

I am sure many of you have already been to the Food Lover’s. I do not know how you like it but I absolutely love it there. 🙂 



Eat, Pray, Love

Eat – Il faut manger pour vivre, et non pas vivre pour manger. We must eat to live and not live to eat. So totally true. But I will add to that, eating should be a pleasure. Not something to stress over. Do not fuss over the number of calories. Everything is about balance! You want to grab that cheesy pizza for lunch, do it! Just have something light for dinner. I have come to a simple conclusion, after failing yet again to keep to a certain diet. Living by the 30% – 70% rule (My own). 30% of those delicious full of calories stuffs and then 70% of the ‘healthy’. It works. 🙂 I am happy with what I eat and I do not have stupid cravings anymore. And take time to appreciate what you are eating. Stop whatever you are doing and concentrate on the savor and flavor. 🙂

Pray – Pray with your heart and with sincerity. Praying is between God and you. An intimate conversation. So give it your all. Concentrate. Believe. And ask for whatever you wish for. Aim to the highest. But know it in your heart, and believe fully that He bestows upon you just what is right for you, in the right quantity and at the right time. And sometimes, you will not get what you asked for. Even then, have hope that He has in stock for you something far better than you asked. Pray in happiness, in sadness, whenever and wherever. Praying also helps to keep you in touch with yourself, to be honest to the person that you are. 

Love – Something we all look for. Something we all need. If you give love, you get love in return. Love with all your heart. Love and cherish people who are close to you, and tell them that you love them. Sometimes, when words are hard to find to convey your feelings, then show. A kiss. A warm smile. A big hug. A flower. A gift. True, sincere and honest love. You might get hurt now and then, but at least you know you really cared. Never stop loving. It keeps you alive and happy. 🙂 

Can life be resumed in those three words? I wonder.