Abortion is a pretty hot topic right now in Paradise Island. This is because the Government has decided to make it legal in some contexts. I can already imagine the English teachers having a great time in GP classes. 🙂

Abortion, according to the new proposed amendments, will be legal in cases which present a danger to the life of the mother and her sanity, severe malformation of the fetus and those resulting from rape and incest. I am completely for these amendments. They will modify a law that was written ages and ages ago, in 1838 to be exact.

Life of the mother and her sanity

I believe that terminating a pregnancy because the mother’s life is in danger or may cause any other harm to her being is a legitimate reason. Save the living. Also, the mother can have other children when her health is better, whereas the child cannot make up for losing the mother.

Severe malformation of the fetus

I am not much of a scientist and not at all a doctor to really explain this well. A quick search on google will do that. But seriously, we are living in a modern world, where new technologies allow you to know if there are any major problems with the fetus at a very early stage of pregnancy. A child born with handicaps or other malformations leads a very difficult life. And most often than not, providing for them costs a lot of money and many parent cannot afford that.

Rape and incest

In fact, for me, if the law was changed to just include this bit about rape and incest, it would have sufficed. I have seen girls, aged 10 – 20, in a Shelter for young children and women. They have been victims of rape and incest, often from their close family members. One girl was raped by her own father at the age of ten. She became pregnant and eventually gave birth. Who is that child to her but a reminder of such a cruel and violent act against herself?  Will she be able to love her baby?  Will she, a child herself, be able to provide the attention and care required by the being she brought to life?  Putting an end to a pregnancy in such cases is definitely not murder!

I know there are many arguments against abortion. ‘Abortion’ is murder, they say, especially those so-called religious figures of Mauritius. I’d like to tell them to go and stuffs their stupid faces. If they were doing their job well, girls aged 10 would not be getting raped by their own fathers! May be they should take a very good look at the mess that is the spiritual state of the Mauritian Society before going to yell in a microphone how abortion is a crime.

However, it is true that great care should be taken when considering the different cases where an abortion is being requested. Qualified personnel should be assigned on such duties. It is good to want to bring change but it has to be done well.

I would like to see these amendments voted and implemented.  It took a long time coming, but better late than never!