To be honest is a great quality. When you show you are honest to the world, the world admires you for it. But what about honesty to oneself?

To admit your faults, shortcomings, weaknesses. To acknowledge your power, good qualities,  strengths. To accept why you do the things that you do and in the way you do them. To be true and fair to your own person.

I’ve found that one way to be honest to myself is to take a step back and take a minute or two to analyse the intention(s) / reason(s) behind my actions. Believe me, that little process can be quite overwhelming.

What also works is staying in touch with my feelings. Like for example, I know that I am not ever going to be slim like I wish to be, because I enjoy food. Real food. Not just green salads and fruits. -_-‘

People say you have to love yourself before loving anyone else. But somehow, for me, it all starts with being honest to myself. Once that done, I will not only have the world to admire me for it, but most importantly, I’ll have myself to love for it. 🙂



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