Grammar. A Lost Art?

Is grammar gradually losing its importance? Is spelling following too?

Sometimes I find it shocking to find so many grammatical and spelling mistakes in what people write. Not just in letters, emails or text messages. You can even find them in online newspapers (the only kind I read these days).

I know we all use short-hand, especially when chatting and sending text messages. But is using it too much causing us to start neglecting grammar and spelling? I would think yes and in my opinion, it is a bad thing and that, irrespective of language.

Can you imagine there are people who hesitate or do not even know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’, ‘its’ and ‘it’s’? Or when to use apostrophe? Or how to use commas? Seriously?! This is so basic! And what I hate the most, is when someone write in phonetic short-hand. Like ‘Zis’ or ‘dis’ for ‘this’, ‘Z’ for ‘the’ and the list is very long.

Teenagers and those under 25 are the ones who use this way of writing most of the time. It drives me nuts to read their texts or when I chat to them. It is almost alien! And I am pretty sure that sometimes they really do not know how to write certain words and they just go with the phonetics. How many teenagers actually read books nowadays? I have been to the library the other day and there were mostly adults there. Yeah, books can be obtained online too. However, I strongly doubt it that they would bother to read a whole book in soft copy.

I am not saying grammar and spelling should be perfect all the time. Sometimes mistakes can slip in. It is forgivable. But writing like that all the time on purpose? NO! NO! NO!

I, for one, tend to avoid this as far as possible now. I really do not want to be among those who send an e-mail to the boss writing ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ or ‘Deer Sir/Madam’ instead of ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.

One thought on “Grammar. A Lost Art?

  1. Finally someone who hates the use of ‘z’s and ‘d’s too! It’s not just youngsters who have a problem with spelling these days, I’ve seen teachers, language teachers at that, make mistakes.

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