1st Yoga Class

This evening I got to experience something new and wanted to note it down here. One more reason to do so is because it is something I thought I would never try. Yoga.

So today I went to my first yoga class. It is included in the package offered at the gym. I was never really that interested. But hey, ‘Why not?!’. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The class has such a relaxed atmosphere. What struck me the most is the Silence. Not the heavy kind, just the ‘tranquil’ kind. It did me good. I could just feel the tension leaving my shoulders. I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning. I imagine the complicated postures I’ll have to endure. However, with the correct guidance from the instructor, it was pretty smooth. 😉

Some of the postures I have tried:

The Bridge:

The Warrior:

The Shoulder Stand: By far, the hardest!

Anyway, it was a good first time. I don’t really know when my next class will be. Thing is, this class starts early and I don’t usually finish work at that time. 😦 I do want to attend again. Let’s hope that I can work something out! 😉

My favorite Pair of Jeans

I believe every girl has her favorite pair of jeans. One she wears irrespective of whether she looks good or not in it. It is all about how she feels wearing it. Happy Days. Crappy Days. Normal Days. Rainy Days. She just loves the softness of the fabric against her skin. And she thinks it can fit with everything perfectly. 🙂 High heels. Flats. Tops. Ts. Little dresses. As with everything, it grows old but no matter how many times she’ll take out worn-out clothes from the closet, this favorite pair, even if faded, will always have its place back. 😉