My favorite Pair of Jeans

I believe every girl has her favorite pair of jeans. One she wears irrespective of whether she looks good or not in it. It is all about how she feels wearing it. Happy Days. Crappy Days. Normal Days. Rainy Days. She just loves the softness of the fabric against her skin. And she thinks it can fit with everything perfectly. 🙂 High heels. Flats. Tops. Ts. Little dresses. As with everything, it grows old but no matter how many times she’ll take out worn-out clothes from the closet, this favorite pair, even if faded, will always have its place back. 😉

4 thoughts on “My favorite Pair of Jeans

  1. Umar says:

    Guys usually own one pair of jeans which they wear both for casual or formal occasions- to go to the mall, to attend a wedding, to play football on the streets, to go to the beach, to go on a date. It is usually blue or black; the dark colour camouflaging innumerable stains. Each stain has a history behind; the ketchup from the khebab stolen from a friend, oil patches from wiping his hands after eating a dipain frire, massala drips from a mango pickle. That pair of jeans can never be washed. It is like burning books from the carnegie library; one cannot simply wash away all theses memories!
    ❤ my blue denim, thou shalt never taste Ariel!

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