1st Yoga Class

This evening I got to experience something new and wanted to note it down here. One more reason to do so is because it is something I thought I would never try. Yoga.

So today I went to my first yoga class. It is included in the package offered at the gym. I was never really that interested. But hey, ‘Why not?!’. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The class has such a relaxed atmosphere. What struck me the most is the Silence. Not the heavy kind, just the ‘tranquil’ kind. It did me good. I could just feel the tension leaving my shoulders. I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning. I imagine the complicated postures I’ll have to endure. However, with the correct guidance from the instructor, it was pretty smooth. 😉

Some of the postures I have tried:

The Bridge:

The Warrior:

The Shoulder Stand: By far, the hardest!

Anyway, it was a good first time. I don’t really know when my next class will be. Thing is, this class starts early and I don’t usually finish work at that time. 😦 I do want to attend again. Let’s hope that I can work something out! 😉