Back to Normal

Back to work today felt like it was first day of school. Excited for new things to do but a unwillingness to leave the holidays behind. Yes, three days felt like holidays! I rarely thought about work. I opened my mailbox this morning, knowing full well the chaotic state of the messages. Some were opened, some not. Some have already been replied to by others. I sat at my desk for ten minutes, to set the chaos in my own head in order 🙂 It felt like my brain cells were raising themselves up from some sort of slumber. I kind of went on automatic. Adrenaline kicked in: Wooah Girl! You are back!
Not that fasting impeded on my performance. It is just that one is in another state of mind during that period. There are other things one focuses on, and this, slows down, say, ‘the usual trend of life’.
So yeah, I know I’m back to normal, when work starts at 9 and finishes at 9.

Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂



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