About Me

My name is Aniisah. Anii for close ones! 😉 My name is of arabic origin and it means “good companion,” or “good friend.” And it is true! I am truly a nice person and I like nice people. I am a talkative person and I like to joke around with my friends and family. I am generous too but guess that depends on the situation. This is because I can be real mean and selfish sometimes. My little brother will be more than happy to second that comment but he knows I love him to pieces. I have two other older brothers. I have no sisters. Fortunately or not, that I cannot say! 😉 I am an easy person to be with. I like to tease others a lot! I like to be teased too but to a certain limit 😉 else I sulk…I do not like to sulk. I love to eat chocolates and ice cream. I love snack food: twisties, super ring, chicken ring, cheese ball and doritos. I absolutely adore doritos! My favorite sport is shopping. I enjoy jogging and playing badminton as well. I am fairly a good player even though I do not know all the rules. I appreciate the blue water surrounding my beautiful island but I do not like to swim. I love playing in the sand and burying my feet deep into it. I revel in warm afternoon showers, especially after a hard and tiring day. I also enjoy cooking even though I do not cook much. I make my bed every morning and like it when everything is neat and tidy in my room. I listen to music. Specially romantic ones. Irish music is one of my favorites. I love old songs, the ones who tear at your heart strings! Lately I have been discovering american country pop. It is quite nice.

I am also a student in information systems. I am currently doing my final year. I am at the University of Mauritius.

Finally, I am just a 21 year old girl, lost in her world…

Update : 26/02/2009

I have graduated already, so no more a student! 😛 I am currently working as a software analyst at Astek Mauritius LTD…my first job ever! and yeah…I am now 22, going on 23… 🙂 but still lost in my world! 😉

10/07/2009 Edit: Currently employed at Spoon Consulting Ltd. 2nd job. 🙂

It is funny how people have started to call me Nii. [all because of Sou] 😛

And I’ve turned 23 on the 27th of May. I don’t like twisties all that much anymore. I don’t even listen to american pop these days.

Update: 03/05/2011

I’m now 24, soon to be 25. I’m also an Oracle Certified Associate. The very long hair is gone too. Sporting a shorter look, always wanted to try that. Loving it!

Update: 08/06/2011

Finally turned 25 on the 27th of May. 🙂 It feels good! Also, it’s been three years that I work. And did I mention that I now own a car? A little green Vitz. 🙂 Wave if you see me on the streets! 😉

Update: 23/09/2012

A lot has changed since the first time I started the About Me page. I do not eat much of junk food except for a Pringles or Crinkle Cut (only the orange one). I am still a big fan of briani. Enough about food now.

Age: 26.

My car and I celebrated our third anniversary last month. No matter what anyone says, I love my small green car. No one ever forgets their first car. 🙂

Despite being an OCA, I am now working on SAGE X3 ERP. So far I am loving it: the challenges and all the new stuffs. Another experience. It is a field in which I feel I can really grow in. And I am still at SC Ltd. I am very happy there and I hope the beautiful adventure keeps going.

Marital Status: Single. Nothing more to add.

And yeah, I have started going to the gym. Diet plans still failing. *sigh* I love Zumba too! Great work-out!

Update: 13/02/2013

Diet wise: No more pringles, but still very much attached to my orange Crinkle Cut even though I do not indulge as much as before. All my ‘junk’ food revolves around chocolate these days. 🙂 I am more of a regular at the gym now. I do hope I keep the pace this year. There are more fruits and salads in my plate these days too.

Career: Still working at Spoon Consulting Ltd. Still on SAGE ERP. I have been learning so much and this I hope goes on. This is the most interesting thing going in my life for the moment. [Hmm, does that sound pathetic?]

Marital Status: Single. Et c’est tout!

Places Visited: One place I have been to recently: Coin de Mire / Ilot Gabriel. Islands found off the north coast of Mauritius. The sea and the beach. Amazing.

Possession: My car is doing fine too. Getting old but well, it does not matter.

Update: 22/01/2014

Career: I am still working at Spoon Consulting Ltd. When something is going good in your life, why change it? I have been promoted to Senior Consultant. So far, so good.

Love life: I have met someone. I am now engaged to the someone. *blush*



31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just passing by, think gulraz is a friend of urs.. seen u sometimes on campus 😉 check out my blog sometimes 😉
    nice blog of urs 😉

  2. i love the sea..when i am in its like heaven for me…esp really early in the morning at abt 7am when thes no one around or on a weekday afternoon…
    I Love Doritos too…Doritos Cheese is my fav…
    I am slightly older thoug…

    • Just as a reminder, this blog is entitled ‘In My World’ and it means that everything posted here is about ME and the way I see things around ME. MY views and MY opinions. I use the tone that I want. I choose whether to be realistic or not. I am not here to please anybody but MYSELF. So you see, it is all about ME.

      But thanks for dropping by. 🙂 and keep coming! 😀

      And yeah, check the meaning of the word ‘pathetic’ before using it. You’ve got it wrong here. 😉

  3. hello. i’m shakeel. just got your blog through ashfaq’s blog 🙂 nice little articles. i read most of them. keep the good work up 🙂

  4. NicoQB says:

    I love stumbling randomly on interesting things.

    The snack wars rages on:
    I confer that Doritos is easily the most overrated snack ever!
    Rota – cuttlefish flavor is one of my favs tho..
    and Chicken drumstick Shapes is where its at. I’ve eaten dry bread with those shapes in it!
    And chocolate digestive biscuits. oh i could go on and on…

    And here’s to celebrate Randomness:

    Nice blog by the way : )

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