Whimsical Avocados

Avocados are the most capricious fruits around. In addition to being pricey, of course. I find it hard to judge when they are really ripe. I press on this side, it feels ripe. I prick the other side, it does not feel ripe! And sometimes, they turn bad so quickly!

I usually leave them to ripen in the following two ways.

1. Wrap in newspaper and to place in a drawer. I tried this a few days ago. It works well. I left two medium sized avocados in the drawer this way. When I took them out, they were just rightly ripe. The skin was greenish-brown. The skin peels off easily. The flesh was greenish yellow. And yes, heavenly smell! After that, I kept them in the fridge to try and keep the freshness.

2. Place in a sack of raw rice. This trick works really well. All too well for me. If you let it pass by just one day, you will find your avocados in a sad sluggish state.

Anyway, I think the main thing is not to forget about them. Which ever method is used, if you do not check the avocados every now and then, you will miss the right time to eat them. They are such delicious fruits, and the effort is so much worth it.

And the best way to eat them is the simplest way: Lightly sprinkle some sugar on them. *Yum*

What’s In My Handbag


Are guys really all that puzzled about what could be present in a girl’s handbag? Why do girls have to carry around a handbag when they go out? And why, the big handbag just to go to work or the mall?

It is not all that mysterious actually. We carry the Essentials, which include: wallet (money, debit cards, tons of contact cards, passport-size photos), Mobile phone, Perfume, Tissues (wet and dry ones), Comb/Hairbrush, Make-up kit (which may comprise of the face powder, Kohl, mascara, lipstick), moisturising cream (for dry hands), sanitary pad (at least one), an umbrella, sunglasses, reading glasses, a little notepad and some pens. If the handbag is big enough, maybe a book or a magazine can also find its place in there. 😉

It is perhaps not necessary to bring along all these stuffs with us when going out, but girls/women like to be prepared. She could spill some soda on her clothes or need pen and paper to note down something important! and everything she needs is just hanging there on her shoulder. 🙂




Abortion is a pretty hot topic right now in Paradise Island. This is because the Government has decided to make it legal in some contexts. I can already imagine the English teachers having a great time in GP classes. 🙂

Abortion, according to the new proposed amendments, will be legal in cases which present a danger to the life of the mother and her sanity, severe malformation of the fetus and those resulting from rape and incest. I am completely for these amendments. They will modify a law that was written ages and ages ago, in 1838 to be exact.

Life of the mother and her sanity

I believe that terminating a pregnancy because the mother’s life is in danger or may cause any other harm to her being is a legitimate reason. Save the living. Also, the mother can have other children when her health is better, whereas the child cannot make up for losing the mother.

Severe malformation of the fetus

I am not much of a scientist and not at all a doctor to really explain this well. A quick search on google will do that. But seriously, we are living in a modern world, where new technologies allow you to know if there are any major problems with the fetus at a very early stage of pregnancy. A child born with handicaps or other malformations leads a very difficult life. And most often than not, providing for them costs a lot of money and many parent cannot afford that.

Rape and incest

In fact, for me, if the law was changed to just include this bit about rape and incest, it would have sufficed. I have seen girls, aged 10 – 20, in a Shelter for young children and women. They have been victims of rape and incest, often from their close family members. One girl was raped by her own father at the age of ten. She became pregnant and eventually gave birth. Who is that child to her but a reminder of such a cruel and violent act against herself?  Will she be able to love her baby?  Will she, a child herself, be able to provide the attention and care required by the being she brought to life?  Putting an end to a pregnancy in such cases is definitely not murder!

I know there are many arguments against abortion. ‘Abortion’ is murder, they say, especially those so-called religious figures of Mauritius. I’d like to tell them to go and stuffs their stupid faces. If they were doing their job well, girls aged 10 would not be getting raped by their own fathers! May be they should take a very good look at the mess that is the spiritual state of the Mauritian Society before going to yell in a microphone how abortion is a crime.

However, it is true that great care should be taken when considering the different cases where an abortion is being requested. Qualified personnel should be assigned on such duties. It is good to want to bring change but it has to be done well.

I would like to see these amendments voted and implemented.  It took a long time coming, but better late than never!

Leap Day

Just felt like jotting down a few words In My World on this special day. The Leap Day. I’ve just finished reading an article on the leap year. Funny stories and lore surrounding the 29th February. 

Let me also seize the moment to wish all leaplings out there a very happy birthday! It must be amazing to have your birthday every four years! 🙂 I personally do not know anyone who was born on the 29/02. 😦 

And yes, tonight is a fine night to watch the movie ‘Leap Year’. 😉 I really loved that movie!

Anyway, have a happy leap day everyone! 


I saw this poster for a career fair and a strange sense of nostalgia hit me. Four years ago, I had just finished my A-Levels and was planning to go to University. Just like many students are right now. Weighing the pros and cons of such and such universities to follow such and such course.

It does not matter whether you are staying in your homeland or heading out into the wide world, your life is definitely going to change. You will be starting one of the most important and defining chapters of your life.

At Uni, you will meet a lot of people. Different kinds of people. Just to point out, I went to the University of Mauritius. So, I didn’t leave the country. Still, that does not change the fact that I came across a lot of people and befriended a good number of them. The thing is, you just have to be yourself and be very open-minded and tolerant as bear in mind too, that not everyone is going to like you, and you are not going to like everyone. But that is not a point to really worry about. After a few months, you will be right in the circle where you belong. 😉

Study hard. Tertiary level is not all that easy anyway. You know that. However, do not spend all of your time studying hard! Take time to giggle with your friends and do crazy stuffs.  Skipping a few lectures ain’t all that bad. 😉 Create memories which will make you smile four years after, just like I am doing right now. 🙂 And take lots and lots of pictures! You know, you only get to do this once. Sure you can go back for your masters but it definitely will not be the same. The first three or four years of University life are the best.

Okay yeah, University life is not all that rosy either. You will get your share of downs. You just have to be very strong and not take some things too seriously. After all, you are learning and mistakes will happen. 😉 This reminds me: having a group of close friends really help in such situations too. They are your support, just as you are part of theirs.

Oof! Writing this post is flooding my mind with so many many memories. Memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. My course lasted only three years but they were, without a doubt, three of the best years of my life. I have met such amazing people, whom I have come to love so very much.

University life ends with graduation. One of the most emotional experience of my life. You just feel it, the ending. I am unable to find the appropriate words to describe it. You have to go through it to really understand. I made a video after my graduation. I am going to watch it now and indulge a little bit more into the happy memories.

Good luck to all those who are embarking on this wonderful journey. Make it one to remember! 😉

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

I’ve been to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden some two week-ends ago, after two or three years! I used to love it so much, and I still do. It is so peaceful and so, ‘royal’! Like it is in those old french movies. 😉

However, I was very disappointed to see the state it is now in. There’s an air of neglect. It used to be so lush, vibrant and beautiful!

I did not go around the whole garden (It is immense!). But there is this pond, my favorite corner of the garden, that’s covered with water lilies, the famous amazon lilies. A true delight. At least it used to be.

Here is a picture of how it was before (found via google)


See how green and beautiful it is? Even though this picture does not do it proper justice! When it is right before your eyes, it is something else.

Now, here’s a picture I took:


It is sad, isn’t it? 😦 It has lost its magic. I am hoping it is a seasonal thing, though I doubt it. I remember well when I was little, it was always the same beautiful pond all year round.
I suppose the authorities, or whoever in charge of the garden, will say that there is not enough funds for the proper maintenance of the place.

Anyway, I keep fond memories of the Pamplemousses garden: Various school and family outings. I hope it will still be in a good state for my kids to enjoy! 😛


Our Choices

I made a lot of choices that have gotten me where I am today.  Sometimes I wonder about what could have happened in a particular situation had I chosen differently. Futile, yes. But nevertheless, I think it is important to ponder on the various aspects or factors that shape our choices and decisions. In understanding that, maybe we can understand ourselves better.

It is often said that we are always presented with alternatives in life. True. And there are times when we go for something without really thinking, we just do what appeal most to us, and there are times, when we need to pause. Think. And then decide. Because the impact or consequence is bigger. Right? Also, the mental process that gets into motion when faced with those said alternatives, is quite amazing. The way we debate within ourselves, weighing the right and the wrong, trying to project the future, deciding on what’s best, what would make us happier, etc etc. After all that, the choice is made. There. Then consequences follow and we know whether our choice was the right one.

Choosing is not always a me-myself-and-I business. Our choices and decisions can affect the lives of the people around us, just as we can be affected by theirs. (I’m hoping so far that the choices I’ve made have not hurt anybody! ) Respecting each other’s choices, opinions, or decisions is a step to accepting each individual as he/she is.

I made a lot of choices that have gotten me where I am today. Il m’arrive de temps en temps de souhaiter que les choses soient differentes. Mais pour etre tout a fait honnete, I would not change a thing.  [That’s to be expected, coming from someone who is as selfish and impulsive as I am. ]

Shopping at Pridemark – Part 2

Ohk! So, for the past months that I’ve not been blogging, I’ve had some comments on my last post on shopping at Pridemark. That post has been written nearly a year ago and of course, things have changed. And I think, the post needs a little update.

I agree that now the clothes there are so so very nice. You get really cool stuffs at very good prices. I love the long flowing dresses they’ve had on display lately. On the accessory side, a great improvement too. Jewelery: So so. Shoes: Still Zero!

Now we have, I think, four Pridemark shops in Mauritius. But believe me, they have very different stocks. I hear the worse one is the Rose-Belle one. Never been there, so I can’t really say. Anyway, as for me, for long tops, little dresses and jeans, Trianon one is the best. Cotton stuffs, belts and bags: Riche-Terre. Blouses, skirts, trousers (not jeans): Port-Louis.

And yeah, I hope their marketing people know that the 51% discount story has not got anyone fooled. But still, nice deals. 🙂

Happy Shopping! 😉

A World Without Ice

“Of the sunshine falling onto Earth, about 30 percent is reflected back into space, mostly by white clouds in the atmosphere and white ice at the surface. The polar ice caps, covering virtually all of Antarctica, the Arctic Ocean, and Greenland, make up less than one tenth of Earth’s surface, but account for much of the sunshine reflected from the surface. Polar ice also generates huge wind streams that spill ferociously off the ice caps and flow far beyond the ice perimeter to shape weather systems that influence the entire globe.”

“Nature’s best thermometer, perhaps its most sensitive and unambiguous indicator of climate change, is ice. When ice gets sufficiently warm, it melts. Ice asks no questions, presents no arguments, reads no newspapers, listens to no debates. It is not burdened by ideology and carries no political baggage as it crosses the threshold from solid to liquid. It just melts.”

– A World Without Ice by Dr. Henry Pollack

[ http://www.greengeek.ca/book-review-a-world-without-ice/ ]


Hmm no, I am not going to write about romance. Actually I’m having some lemon juice and it’s quite bitter. So no, romance is not on my mind right now.

Thing is I have just come across one of those books in my drawer. I got that as a gift back when I was in f5. Yeah quite some years have gone by. Well, seeing that book reminds me of how much I loved to read the series back then. I would go to the Municipal library every two days or right before my tuitions just to get those books. And I had my brother’s library card too. So in a week I was reading an average of 6 Mills and Boons books. And loving it.

But seeing that book tonight also reminds me of how much I despise the series now. Don’t get me wrong. I still like romance stories but those Mills and Boons series really give a too-good- to-be true view on romantic relationships. So much so I even think it is twisted!! And my, nearly all the stories resemble each other. Like one writer takes another one’s book and tries to improve the story in another setting but which eventually ends up just the same. ‘I love you. I love you too.’ Duh!

One can argue that you can read the book just to enjoy the story. Believe me, you can’t. You can’t read those books objectively. Or in a mature way. Little by little, you’ll get *influenced* and build a certain rosy image of what a romantic relationship should be like. You have *Expectations*. And when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to, you end up feeling disappointed.

So I am totally advising people not to read those Mills and Boons books. Don’t even try one. It is addictive. It’ll grow on you. Really. It is not worth it.