Eight Months After

I am reading my own blog after eight months! Writing has not been on my mind at all lately. It goes to show that I am having more of a real life, that spending time online, reading blogs, and writing my own posts. Isn’t it?

I used to write so much. Online and offline. I actually had time for it, and enjoyed it immensely. Where did that time go? <Sigh>

So I am actually promising to myself to jot a few thoughts here now and again. To get the flow going once again. 🙂 Let’s see how it turns out.



It has been months since I last wrote anything here. Already a month through 2014. Time does seem to fly. ^^

2013 has changed some important aspects of my life. The best part is, none of this was planned as such. Things just happened, and fell into place, in ways I least expected it. God willing, I’ll be seeing some other major changes in 2014 as well. Major changes, but good changes.


One thing I have learnt the past year is that you should never lose faith and trust in God. Everything happens for a reason. The reason may or may not be obvious. If you hold on tight on your faith and trust in God, you can get through any obstacle. Faith and trust give you patience. A beautiful patience. And God is with those who are patient. 🙂

We all have read or heard of some sayings on never losing hope, faith, trust, to always keep believing and having positive thoughts and some of us may have discarded those sayings as just ‘beautiful words with no meanings.’ Sometimes, you just have to go through some ‘experiences’ to really grasp or appreciate the meaning behind those sayings. Really. 2013 has been just that for me.

11 more months to go in 2014. I pray that they go smoothly for everyone. Cheers!



Back to Normal

Back to work today felt like it was first day of school. Excited for new things to do but a unwillingness to leave the holidays behind. Yes, three days felt like holidays! I rarely thought about work. I opened my mailbox this morning, knowing full well the chaotic state of the messages. Some were opened, some not. Some have already been replied to by others. I sat at my desk for ten minutes, to set the chaos in my own head in order 🙂 It felt like my brain cells were raising themselves up from some sort of slumber. I kind of went on automatic. Adrenaline kicked in: Wooah Girl! You are back!
Not that fasting impeded on my performance. It is just that one is in another state of mind during that period. There are other things one focuses on, and this, slows down, say, ‘the usual trend of life’.
So yeah, I know I’m back to normal, when work starts at 9 and finishes at 9.

Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂




On this beautiful 27th of May, In My World, We celebrate my 27th birthday. 🙂 
ImageI so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people. I love you! And Thank You!

Rainy Days

Mauritius has been under the clouds for the last couple of days. It has been raining incessantly in certain regions, day and night. And as usual, things are chaotic. Some roads are completely under water, some bridges not accessible, Impossible traffic, schools closed, businesses closed, some offices closed. Homes flooded. Mobile network down. Long queues at Hypermarkets and ATM machines. No running water. Over-excited radio stations. They have got news to report all day long. A meteorological station that serves no good purpose. Over-crowded bus-stops. And stupid careless drivers who splash water on pedestrians going to work. Anyway, a very chaotic situation.

I do not understand how two days of heavy rain can cause such havoc in such a small country like ours. What would we have done if we got rain like that in India, or the floods like those in the US? We would be erased from the map. Seriously, we are in 2013! The Government always boasts about how Mauritius is doing so much better than the other countries in the region. Still when it gets hit with heavy rain, it is paralysed!


I know that we do not have control over the weather, or can predict it with perfect exactitude and natural calamities do happen. However, 1 day of torrential rain is hardly a calamity! It is just bad weather! But the country looks like it has been hit by a terrible cyclone.

One thing though, we have been blessed with copious rains and the reservoirs are in a good health. But knowing the state of countries ‘plumbing’ system, it will not be a surprise if the Authorities raise the alert of a drought in a few more months.

On a completely different note, some of us really enjoy this kind of weather. One where we want to stay cosy in bed, with hot coffee, chocolate or tea. Prepare nice food: Roti, Chicken Soup. Have nice music on. It is a different mood. However, I always like to keep in mind that some other people are not as fortunate as I am: to be under a safe roof. I thank God for all the little and big favors bestowed upon me. I pray He helps the people who are in a bad situation right now. I also pray that those still working , firemen, policemen, hospital personnel etc get to their homes safe and sound, and be given courage for the amazing job that they do to help those in need.

And yeah, it does not matter how luxurious our cars, how big our home, how glamorous our shopping malls, how new our mobile phones, Mauritius is still a third-world country. There is still a long way to go.

My favorite Pair of Jeans

I believe every girl has her favorite pair of jeans. One she wears irrespective of whether she looks good or not in it. It is all about how she feels wearing it. Happy Days. Crappy Days. Normal Days. Rainy Days. She just loves the softness of the fabric against her skin. And she thinks it can fit with everything perfectly. 🙂 High heels. Flats. Tops. Ts. Little dresses. As with everything, it grows old but no matter how many times she’ll take out worn-out clothes from the closet, this favorite pair, even if faded, will always have its place back. 😉


February! A beautiful month to resume blogging! :p

The year has started well for me. No complaints. Except maybe for the heat! Duh, I love summer but I hate the heat.

I normally enumerate my resolutions for the year. I didn’t this time around. There’s only one thing I want to do, and it is not working out properly for me. Dieting. Gosh, how do those people do it?I suppose I really lack the motivation, commitment and perseverance it requires. Ah well, tout doucement…tout doucement. 😉

However, I do have a list of wishes for the year.

1. Travelling to Europe. [not likely to happen but it is still my number 1]

2. Fall in love. [Yeah right -_-‘]

3.  World Peace. [Futile? We can still pray for it.]

These are just the top three. Others are just little wishes, here and there, nothing of major importance. I hope all your wishes (whoever is reading this) for the year come true. 🙂

It feels good, to be back, In My World.

Take Care and Take It Easy!

Joe Black: So that’s what love is according to William Parrish?
William Parrish: Multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I’m talking about.
Joe Black: Those were my words.
William Parrish: They’re mine now.
–  From Meet Joe Black